promex CSI ALU


Camera units check any irregularities on the surface of the aluminium profile and send a very fast signal if a defect was found. Therefore the scrap rate can be reduced to a minimum. promex CSI ALU detects bubbles, holes, grooves or scratches and sorts them out during the production process. This guarantees a high productivity at the extrusion press and ensures that only quality approved products reach the final customer. The system is based on a modular concept and can be configured individually for any profile with arbitrary width, also top, bottom and/or sides can be inspected. The quality level can be configured individually by the costumer as well. promex CONTROL software of ASCONA allows the control and monitoring of promex CSI inline measurement systems at different extrusion presses from a central computer.


  • CSI -> (continuous surface inspection) modular expandable
  • CSI provides an inline inspection of profiles during extrusion without additional manpower
  • Quality levels can be configured easy and individually
  • Fast supply of a signal to printer, a saw, or to a worker if defect was found
  • Easy to handle because of its simple and coherent graphical menus and software
  • Easy to integrate into the production process based on its small size: width < 40 cm
  • Open interface for integration in companies own Enterprise-Resource-Planning
  • Fast response time if a defect was found -> Reduction of the scrap rate
  • Higher customer satisfaction due to higher error detection rate
  • Profile speed up to 180 ft/min  
  • All flat surfaces with no rips extending significantly out of the surface


Partnership iNOEX and ASCONA

Due to the cooperation of iNOEX and ASCONA, we are known for high-quality hardware and software solutions and excellent service in aluminium, plastic and rubber profile extrusion.