The WARP XXL is an inline pipe measuring system for wall thickness and diameter measurement at 8 to 32 positions and 4 to 16 axes. Thanks to particularly flexible and modular sensor technology, it is now possible for the first time to measure even pipes with strong eccentricities in order to precisely identify and quantify sagging. The sensors automatically align their measuring points with the pipe so that even small deviations from the standard can be measured. Due to the flexibility in the number of sensors, it is possible to increase the sensor density where the problem areas lie in the process - for example in the lower angle range.

This creates optimum conditions for centering large-diameter pipes early in the process and saving material and costs.


  • Diameter range from 630 to 3500 mm (sizes on request)
  • Wall thickness range from 5 to 250 mm (depending on material)
  • Sagging detection
  • Very small space requirement in extrusion direction
  • Measurement of strong eccentricities and large wall thicknesses