An article from Extrusion 8/2015:

For more than 30 years the name iNOEX stands for innovative concepts in the extrusion industry and meets the claim “The future of extrusion”. With a lot of experience and technical know-how qualified employees develop future-oriented solutions that are suited precisely to the specific demands of pipe, profile, cable and film extrusion. Innovative ultrasonic technology for wall thickness and diameter measurement has been successfully developed and marketed under the brand name AUREX.

A great share of the ultrasonic wall thickness systems worldwide is used for pipes of up to 400 mm pipe diameter. Besides the reduction of the weight per length and as a consequence a reduction of material costs which account for up to 90 % of the production costs depending on the type of pipe, the compliance with tight tolerances for wall thickness, diameter and ovality are of great relevance for these dimensions. To achieve this an intelligent and practicable measuring technology which also covers a great working range is required during pipe production. For this application iNOEX has developed a new innovative ultrasound measuring chamber with a working range of 32 mm to 400 mm pipe diameter. Not only the large working range makes this measuring chamber special but also the fact that a sensor adjustment is not needed when pipe dimensions are changed from small to big diameters. Moreover, the measuring chamber convinces by an outmost small design in the extrusion direction.

A common question is whether the conversion effort for ultrasonic systems during a dimensional change can be reduced significantly. Is this something which is possible? Yes, with the innovative AUREX MK 400 technology! Switch latches and the possibility to fold the measuring chamber to the side allow for an easy change of sealing discs. The guidance of the pipe is not carried out by guide discs which have difficulties with adhesive joints due to tight tolerances, but with two guide rollers. The easy adjustment of the guide rollers is done through a hand wheel.

AUREX MK 400 has its own water basin, which is installed directly above the actual measuring chamber and equipped with a temperature feeler as well as a magnetic valve for the automatic filling. This way it is ensured that there is always enough tempered water. The inside of the measuring chamber is designed to let air bubbles ascend freely toward the surface. The sensors are continuously rinsed. The water management is supplemented by a water level indicator at the side and an extendable water collection basin.

A high emphasis was made on longevity and a minimal susceptance to failure. For this reason all cables and connectors have been placed outside the actual measuring chamber and have therefore no contact to water. This design also allows for maintenance during production.


The measuring electronics is the digital iNOEX evaluation electronics with the proven AUREX software which can be flexibly adjusted to every measuring task. For the measuring chamber MK 400 either a 15” or a 21” AUREX touch screen terminal is used. The 21” terminal is equipped with the new, future oriented cross-platform web interface. It is operated via installed widgets which can be configured, added or removed by the operator as he likes. Moreover, the web page concept allows the easy integration of AUREX MK 400 on all web compatible systems.